About Dr. Rithvik

Dr. Rithvik Chowdary is a consultant of Internal Medicine and Diabetologist at Tirumala Hospital. He is well experienced and is one of the best Diabetologist in Beeramguda.Dr Rithvik Specializes in diagnosis, management and treatment of diabetes and its related complications.

Dr. Rithvik consistently updates his knowledge about latest available treatments and and provides the latest information about nutrition, medications, exercise, and technology promoting excellent patient outcomes and success. He has successfully treated health conditions like High BP, Obesity, High cholesterol levels etc associated with diabetes.

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Our Speciality


Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which the blood sugar levels go high in the body


Thyroid hormone is primarily related to the synthesis of protein and metabolic rate..

Hormonal Disorders

Hormone disorders are generally caused due to increased or decreased levels of hormones..

Blood Pressure Management

Blood pressure is the flow of blood against the walls of arteries..

Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol is the substance in the blood that is responsible for creating healthy cells..

Fever Treatments

Fever is actually an indication of the underlying infection or illness in the body..

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