Thyroid Treatment

In India, Diabetes and Thyroid problems are more common in adults and in Children.. There area proper Diagnosis medically and symptoms analysis is needed that too on time for the best treatment. Dr Rithvik Chowdary is one of the Best Thyroid doctor in Beeramguda available for you and your family. Do not let this hormonal imbalance disease, make you suffer. Thyroid treatment involves not only medicines but also a proper routine and diet. Be rest assured as all your queries will be addressed and solved by Dr Rithvik Chowdary. Get Best Thyroid doctor in Beeramguda for your loved ones. Proper choice of treatment and doctor is the best you can give. Reach out to Dr Rithvik Chowdary at Tirumala Hospital Beeramguda for the best.


The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland situated in the front of the neck in front of the windpipe or trachea and releases thyroxin hormone This hormone controls metabolism in the body. The thyroid helps in producing hormones that control the vital functions of the body. Usually, the body releases the right amount of hormone for the functioning of the body. However, when this balance is disturbed, problems occur and a medical examination and guidance is needed at the earliest. Contact without delay and get treated with the Best Thyroid doctor in Beeramguda and that too on time.

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